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Nobody But You
Manu Lafer
CD - 1 item(s)
MPB / Tratore (2018)
Novo trabalho do artista, cantando standards americanos. O repertório privilegia swing, uptempo e alegre, cantado em tons abaritonados. Participacoes: Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Mike Clark e Andy McKee.
New work, singing American standards. The repertoire privileges swing, uptempo and cheerful, sung in classical tones. Guests: Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Mike Clark and Andy McKee.
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track list
01 - Look Who's Dancing
02 - Bewitched
03 - I Still Get Jealous
04 - Ding! Dong! the Wicked Witch Is Dead
05 - Feeling So Good
06 - Guys and Dolls
07 - Love Isn't Born
08 - Mimi
09 - Nobody But You
10 - Opus One
11 - When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbing
12 - Two Sleepy People
13 - We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together Broad
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